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Looking for Air Rifle Range Hire near me? Our shooting ranges in Leicestershire has two undercover airgun ranges, with 14 lanes, 3 pistol lanes and a woodland ( HFT/FT) course.

The 90 yard air rifle shooting range has indoor seating with 8 individual shooting lanes. Each lane is colour coordinated with target holders every 10 yards for zeroing your Air Rifle, ranging from 20 yards to 90 yards. The shooting range also has various plinking targets to test your skills. This range also has 2 individual Pistol Shooting lanes. 

The 80 yard air rifle range has a seated area undercover with 6 individual shooting benches. This air rifle range has no zeroing facilities but has hundreds of plinking targets from 5 yards to 80 yards. There is also a air pistol shooting lane that is great for zeroing airsoft guns.

Our woodland air rifle course simulates hunting-type scenarios in a woodland setting. The resetting targets range from 8 yards to 45 yards with individually sized hit zones. The shooting course, is perfect for beginners looking to understand and get into HFT/FT or experienced, seasoned shooters looking for a place to practice.

Air Rifle Range Hire HFT Course

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If you have your own air rifle or pistol (NON FAC), we have 2 air rifle & pistol shooting ranges for you to hire a lane.

No Air Rifle Gun club here… Just come as often or as little as you like, No membership or joining fees. simply hire a lane whenever you want! (We do recommend booking a space as it does fill up fast, especially on weekends)

Your nearest Air Pistol Range near me, Airgun shooting range near me. We now have a dedicated website just for range hire and you can use our online booking system to book a lane www.airgunrange.co.uk

Air Rifle Range Hire HFT Course

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