Axe Throwing And Archery Experience

Min Age
15 Years+

Group Size
2-4 people
5-24+ people

2 Hours
3 Hours

£56 / person
£48 / person

Axe Throwing And Archery overview

The Perfect Combo Send Arrows Whistling Through the Air with the Archery Experience, and Sling Axe’s, using american thomahawks and the double headed spear pointed axe’s.

Throwing axes requires a mastery of momentum and finesse, it’s not just about brute force. The Axe Throwing range can accommodate up to 7 people standing and throwing at once, with larger groups being split and taking turns. Next Up: Archery, this is a traditional activity that has been around for centuries, but it’s also a modern day Olympic sport. It’s a great way to have fun while also learning a new skill.

Join us for an unforgettable Axe Throwing and Archery experience near you!

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AXE THROWING and Archery Extra Info

If you’re looking for an exciting Outdoor Activity Package to celebrate a special occasion or just want to get out and have some fun, Then you should definitely consider this Axe Throwing and Archery Activity Package. It’s perfect for various occasions, such as stag do, hen parties, and birthdays. Axe throwing can also be an excellent addition to any team-building day or corporate event. Furthermore, if you’re searching for a thoughtful and creative gift choice, giving axe throwing and archery as an experience gift voucher can be an excellent option for any occasion.

Before the session begins, our instructors will give you a full safety briefing. First Up heading to our Archery range for the Archery Experience you’ll learn how to get your stance right, hold the bow properly, and focus your aim so that you can hit the bulls-eye. It’s all about having a steady hand and a clear mind as you send those arrows whistling through the air.

Next Taking hold of the Mini double-headed spear-pointed axes, Our professional coaches will guide you through the process of throwing axes safely and accurately, starting with a safety briefing and an introduction to proper axe throwing techniques, before moving on to the mighty American Tomahawk Axe.

Throughout the activity experience, our instructors will be by your side to help you with any difficulties you might encounter. Whether you’re a beginner or have some Axe Throwing or archery experience, this session is designed to be fun and engaging for everyone. Plus, there’s a little healthy competition thrown in to make it even more exciting!

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